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Halo Top vs. Arctic Zero: Low-Cal Ice Cream Comparison

Jan 22 2017

The first time I heard about a low-calorie ice cream was through an ad on Instagram. Intrigued, I looked into where I could get this "Arctic Zero". I honestly think I was more excited that I could eat the entire thing in one sitting than I was for its low …

New Years Resolutions: No Scales Necessary!

Dec 27 2016

While many people think that losing weight is the most important resolution they can make in 2017, think again! This year, instead of making your resolution weight-based, try focusing on other aspects of your lifestyle that need improvement. So what other positive changes can you make besides losing pounds? …

How To Be A Food Hero

Dec 13 2016

Did you know that 40% of food in our country goes to waste? At the same time, right here in our own communities, individuals and families are going to bed hungry or without access to healthy food options. Doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? If …