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Stretches for a Strong Back

Jan 27 2016

  Baltimore sure did get slammed with snow this weekend, huh?   It started snowing Friday afternoon until late Saturday night…I wasn’t sure Jonas was ever going to let up.   I’m hoping you all stayed safe out there despite the blizzard of the century.   Did anyone else spend some serious …

How to Meal Plan + Healthy Snack Demo

Jan 19 2016

Do you want to become more efficient at meal planning?  Do you often resort to eating out during the week because you have trouble putting together a healthy meal at the end of a busy day?  Is grocery shopping stressful?  Without a plan lined up, it certainly can be!  But spending …

Nourishing Yourself In 2016 + An Announcement

Jan 4 2016

Ah, January...its that time of year for resolutions. I have a love/hate relationship with new years resolutions. Millions of people set good intentions of getting healthy, and I LOVE that! The gyms are packed and people take interest in cleaning up their diets. But why do people wait until January …