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Coaching Programs Are Here!

Jun 5 2015

We are super excited to announce that we are now offering nutrition coaching! If you feel like you need a personalized approach with frequent in person, phone and email support to help you reach your goals and stay focused, coaching may be for you. Here's what it includes: …

My 3 Favorite Grilling Go-Tos

May 22 2015

I'm happy to announce that GRILLING SEASON is here! Time to take the cover off the grill and fire it up. Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and its time to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and seasonal food finds. I'd like to share with you....My 3 favorite grilling …

Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt with Banana and Salty Peanuts

May 5 2015

Peanut butter mixed with plain Greek yogurt and a little honey makes a delicious and protein-packed snack that tastes like the filling to a creamy peanut butter pie - yum! But when you top it with bananas and chopped salty peanuts, the taste goes to a whole new level.