Nourish cuts through the health-craze din to offer advice that is personalized, thoughtful, and effective.

Nourish Nutrition

Nourish helps adults and children find and maintain optimal wellbeing through nutrition. Whether for a professional athlete or an entire family, our expertly crafted dietary programs are always tailored to further enhance the individual’s health and lifestyle.

Our specialized counseling services include: nutrition counseling for overall health; weight management; disease management for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal and digestive disorders, food allergies, and other medical conditions; sports nutrition; pre- and post-natal nutrition; children’s counseling for overweight, changes in growth curves, food allergies, and picky eating; family counseling for modeling healthy eating and meal planning.

Meet Diana Sugiuchi

Diana is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Specialist (ACSM-HFS). She founded Nourish in 2009.

Nourish started as all nutrition journeys do: as a personal one. I always enjoyed cooking and learning about food, but it wasn't until my daughter was born thatI decided it was time for a career change. As a working mom, I struggled with many of the challenges I help others with today: preparing healthy meals for my family (with its fair share of picky eaters!), maintaining a healthy weight, and creating healthy opportunities in my day-to-day decisions. So, I went back to school to complete my degree and licensing in Nutrition Science.

In my many years of practice, I've found I especially love helping people make changes that work with their lifestyle. Sharing in my clients' success is the best part of my job! I'm so grateful to them for taking their journey with me, and they motivate me to continue to help others on their own paths to wellness.

Meet Melanie Beers

Melanie is a Registered And Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and holds a certificate of training in adult weight management through the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

She has experience providing medical nutrition therapy and counseling to adults seeking to manage their weight, prevent or treat chronic disease, or to break free from disordered eating habits. She also enjoys teaching meal planning classes to college students and young adults who may be busy and on a budget, or are in need of some on-the-go guidance. She encourages clients to reject the crash-diet mentality, practice mindful eating habits, and make nutritious food choices that will nourish their bodies and make them feel their best!


Interested in learning more about Nourish or setting up a an appointment? Diana would be happy to meet with you to evaluate your nutrition needs.