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Forget "one diet fits all." At Nourish, we work on a case-by-case basis to personalize and specialize nutrition programs for focused results.

Diana Sugiuchi founded Nourish in 2009. Since that time, Nourish has gained the reputation as the Baltimore area's premier source of nutrition counseling for individuals and families. We offer nutrition counseling and coaching for adults, children and families. We also offer sports nutrition, pre- and postnatal nutrition and workshops. This is nutrition counseling for how to model healthy eating behavior and get the whole family on the track to good health!

Nourish provides specialized service
for all your dietary needs.


Inspiring employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Customized nutrition plans for individuals and families.


Empowering healthy decisions with self-paced programs.

I enjoyed meeting with Melanie.  She listened carefully to what I had to say and gave me ample time to explain my personal situation. Melanie gave me valuable advice for improving …

Bruce B.

Meeting Melanie was awesome, I think this is the beginning of a good healthy friendship and professional relationship for my husband and me. Melanie gave us some valuable information and …

Chante B.

I have hope now! I’m off to a great start. I feel a lot better about my personal health now. I would recommend Nourish Family to anyone looking for help …

Reginald B.

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